3 Music Teachers in Birmingham

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1. Steve Layton Guitar Tuition

First on the list is Steve Layton, who has been playing and teaching guitar professionally for over 35 years. His wealth of live performing experience in many styles from classical to bluegrass, Latin to Irish means he can offer tuition in electric and acoustic guitar in a wide range of styles. All guitar lessons are one-on-one, tailored to the pupil’s needs, and take place in a fully equipped studio. Guitar lessons cover all styles of playing from plectrum to finger picking, chord playing, finger exercises, etc. So if you want to learn your favourite song or guitar riff, polish up your existing skills or just play for fun these lessons are for you.

Find out more at: https://stevelaytonguitar.co.uk/

2. Leonard Rayner Piano School

The Leonard Rayner Piano School offers tuition in piano, voice and violin to students of all ages and levels in the Birmingham area. The School was established in 1934 by Leonard Rayner – a noted concert pianist and teacher. Following Mr Rayner’s death in 1963 the School was taken over by his great-nephew, Michael Winwood. After many years of teaching in schools, Michael has developed an approach to teaching which is flexible and accessible to students of different ages and musical backgrounds. This is an easy and friendly approach to individual tuition whilst remaining academically sound.

Find out more at: http://www.tilling.org.uk/lrps/

3. Rebecca Schwarz

Students often ask Rebeccca if they can sing.  She believes that everybody can sing and with her knowledge and experience can work together to make you the best singer you can be. What each student wants from lessons is very different. Rebecca has trained the voices of  professionals working in the West End or for the BBC and artists signed to  Universal Records or award winning, international vocalists  to people who think they can’t sing at all.

Find out more at: http://rebeccaschwarz.co.uk/