3 Personal Trainers in Birmingham

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1. Nvision Personal Fitness

Nvision Personal Fitness provides personal training along with nutritional advice and fitness plans for people at various fitness levels. They offer a range of fitness training programmes including 1-2-1 personal training, group training, post-pregnancy and antenatal fitness, and mature adult training sessions. With their diverse fitness training classes, there is something to suit everyone. Along with fitness training, they also provide workout plans and nutritional advice to help you with your fitness journey, so you can lead a healthier lifestyle. They can also assist with meal plans that complement your workout plan in order to set you up for success. They welcome people from across Birmingham and Coventry.

Find out more at: https://www.nvisionpersonalfitness.co.uk/

2. VIRTUE Personal Training

VIRTUE is a private personal training studio born out of our passion to support people achieve their Health and Fitness aspirations. A specialist Personal Trainer in Birmingham. The Virtue Studio is a private environment where you can work with your Personal Trainer without the feeling of unease when working out in a large, public gym. Yes, we definitely know the feeling! We also like our Personal Trainers to be focussed solely on the Number 1 priority – YOU. We are based in Digbeth, so if you’re looing for a personal trainer in Birmingham then get in touch.

Find out more at: https://virtuept.co.uk/

3. BV Fitness

BV Fitness recognises that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke personal training programme to achieve their goals. At Bvfitness in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield , you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions, creating a unique dynamic with personal training and allowing you to focus on one thing – your results. They’ll conduct an initial physical analysis to create a regime specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.

Find out more at: https://www.bvfitness.co.uk/