3 Hypnotherapists in Newcastle

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1. Viking Hypnotherapy

Viking Hypnotherapy was founded by Chris Morton, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Performance Coach with many years of experience. Chris has worked with a wide range of clients, including professional fighters preparing for competition, and offers individual assessments and suggested approaches to suit your particular needs. Sessions last around 90 minutes and are held in a pleasant and safe environment, where you can feel comfortable and talk openly and in complete confidence. Using the latest techniques, Chris can bring greater clarity, health and well being back into your life and help you to feel focused and back in control again. Viking Hypnotherapy offer a free initial consultation to discuss your thoughts and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions before committing to a particular programme. Programmes include Banish Your Weight and Release Your Anxiety.

2. Carol Barwick Hypnotherapy

Carol Barwick is an experienced, approachable and qualified specialist who works with fears or phobias, anxiety or panic attacks, addiction to drugs, alcohol or food. Using a unique blend of tried and tested techniques she can help you develop self-awareness, engage a new perspective and overcome personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs. Her private practice, for corporate and individual clients, has grown by reputation, based on results. Find out more at: https://www.carolbarwick.com/

3. Kathleen Miller Hypnotherapy

Kathy Miller is an experienced North East hypnotherapist, having qualified at the Proudfoot School, Scarborough. Prior to that she spent many years in the caring professions as both practitioner and manager. Kathy works from various venues including The Saville Medical Group, College Suite, College Road, Newcastle (Next to the City Hall), The Jesmond Therapy Centre, 7 Holly Avenue West, Jesmond, Newcastle, and from her home office in Sunderland.

Find out more at: http://www.kathleenmillerhypnotherapy.co.uk/

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