3 Recommended Hypnotherapists in Islington

1. Sherine Lovegrove Hypnotherapy

Our first recommendation is Sherine Lovegrove, who has worked in the field of Integrated Medicine for the past 20 years and has acquired extensive knowledge in a number of different mind-body approaches. Her diverse backgound of having studied in the medical, psychological and body complementary modalities helps her to ensure that her practices are governed by sound scientific principles. She believes that this not only allows her to offer a wholly integrated approach to her therapies and trainings but also that your safety and wellbeing is always her primary concern. Sherine is also the author of a best seller “The Aha Moment!: How To Get Maximum Results For The Least Amount Of Effort” and the creator of the ICAN® Change Transformation Model.

Find out more at: http://sherinelovegrove.com/

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2. Catherine Spence Hypnotherapy

Catherine is a qualified and registered therapist and mindfulness coach based in Islington, N1 London, combining hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help with any kind of confidence, anxiety, insomnia, self-esteem or self-control issues. She has several years of experience and hundreds of client hours, with high success rates of supporting clients to transform their lives and reach their goals.

Find out more at: https://catherinespencetherapy.com/

3. Hypnotherapy Islington

Do you want to: Have a better quality of life? Wake up every day with a wonderful feeling and zest for life? Let go of worries and anxious thoughts? At Hypnotherapy Islington you will have a therapeutic experience that will enable you to let go of unwanted baggage. In a relatively short time you can change negative aspects of your life and begin a new positive phase.

Find out more at: http://www.hypnotherapyislington.co.uk/