3 Recommended Dog Walkers in Portsmouth

1. Happy Hounds Dog Walking
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Our first recommendation is Happy Hounds Dog Walking, which understands that leaving your pet at home all day can be hard. It aims to solve that problem and to make your pet’s day! By collecting your dog from your home and taking them to some of the wide open spaces in the Portsmouth area, Happy Hounds will bring your pet home tired-out and happy, so by the time you seem them they are content, chilled-out and well exercised.  Walks are often in a pack, which suits dogs that enjoy the social element of a group walk. Walks are for a minimum of an hour, but longer or multiple walks can eb arranged on request. For those that are uncomfortable with other dogs or need one-on-one attention, a solo walk is ideal.
2. Pompey Pet Nanny
Here, your pet’s safety and your complete satisfaction is their top priority. They walk dogs of all shapes and sizes and they are all catered for professionally and promptly. They will collect your pets from your own home and take them on a relaxing walk without the need to rush around dropping or collecting from a kennel or cattery giving you more time to yourself, family and to your pet.
3. Lets Go Walkies
This is a friendly customer focused service building a great reputation across the city. They don’t just walk your dog they continually interact and watch over them providing superior loving care. It can be hard to juggle all the commitments we have including our commitment to our animal friends, they are family to us all and naturally everyone wants the best loving & trusted care for their pet when unable to be there. We will always be as flexible as possible, 100% reliable and cater to meet individual needs. Check out how Lets Go Walkies services can be of help to you.