3 Recommended Pilates Classes in Edinburgh

Fuschia Pilates

Person Rolling Green Gym Mat

Our first recommendation is Fuschia Pilates Edinburgh, which adopts a holistic approach to health and utilises a fusion of therapeutic modalities from movement, fitness and complementary therapies. Established in 2013, Fuschia Pilates provides a Pilates-based exercise therapy service within a bespoke studio. It is situated within the City Boundary, on the South Side of Edinburgh, with free on-street parking and close access to and from the Edinburgh bypass. If you want to experience the mind-body benefits of Pilates, whatever your age or current level of fitness, pick Fuschia Pilates Edinburgh.

Find out more at https://www.fuschiapilates.co.uk/

Pilates Plus Physio

Pilates Plus Physio is about helping you to stay strong, happy and healthy so that you can tackle whatever life throws at you. Everything we do, whether you visit one of our physiotherapists in our clinic, or attend one of our classes, is designed to help you achieve your own personal goals. Our team of dedicated professionals is among the most highly trained you will find anywhere. Wherever you start your journey with us, whether that be with our physiotherapists, massage therapists or class instructor, you will be in safe hands right from the start.

Find out more at https://www.pilatesplusphysio.co.uk/

Bea Alexander Pilates

Bea Alexander and her team of experienced Pilates teachers offer both Pilates matclasses and Studio Pilates with Joe Pilates apparatus. They are a personal, teacher-led, highly skilled Pilates organisation in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our focus is on the quality of our teaching, supporting you to gain and keep good health. They teach Pilates matclasses at our home, Central Studio EH1, our sister studio Gathering Essence,  and The Eric Liddell Centre EH10.


Find out more at http://beaalexanderpilates.co.uk/