5 Recommended Cinemas to Visit in Bath

The Watershed
The granddaddy of Bristolian cinemas and an absolute pleasure to visit. The range at the Watershed is absolutely second to none. They show a combination of the best new big-budget Hollywood films, as well as a great selection of foreign language and art-house films. As if this wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for screenings of old classics and a variety of film-festivals which take place over the course of the year.
Tickets are unbelievably cheap, running at £4.50 for under 24’s and with a loyalty card you can get every tenth ticket for free! If you’re into your cinema, this should be your go-to spot for all things film.

The Cube
A self-proclaimed ‘Microplex Cinema’, the Cube doesn’t do things conventionally. Functioning not only as a cinema, but as an arts venue, theatre, comedy club and concert hall, it offers an incredibly wide range of events.
They frequently screen old cult-classics and forgotten gems, often hosting discussions and Q&As along with the films. They even offer a cinema-focused outreach programme for children. A great place to familiarise yourself with if you want to become more engaged with the local artistic scene.
If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can even volunteer there and help with some of their various projects.

If luxury is a priority, then the Everyman should be your first choice. Tickets are a little more expensive than at some other cinemas, but you get what you pay for. Two-person sofas and armchairs take the place of regular seats, allowing you to curl up or stretch out while you watch. If you’re as lanky as I am, you can probably imagine just how appealing that is.
You can even order hot food and drinks to your seat! It offers all the comfort of watching a film at home while keeping the immersive experience of being in a high-quality cinema. A real treat.

20th Century Flicks
Here’s a bit of a different one. By no means a traditional cinema, 20th Century Flicks is actually a video shop with a room specifically set aside to be rented out as a mini-cinema. You and up to 10 friends can screen any film you chose for just £50 (working out at less than £5 per person).
All you need to do is bring along a favourite DVD of yours, or even rent one from the shop’s 19,000 strong collection, and enjoy it in a really unique, fun environment. Definitely worth a trip, and you’ll be helping out a fantastic local business in the process.

Located above the Waitrose supermarket in Henleaze, this cinema still manages to squeeze in three screens – although your mate’s house back home may well have screens with a larger width. Part of the Scott Cinemas group (which also has cinemas in Barnstable, Bridgwater, East Grinstead, Exmouth, Lyme Regis, Newton Abbot and Sidmouth), this is the cinema that your nan will love when she comes to visit you.