5 Recommended Cinemas in London

A place of pilgrimage for South London film fans, the PeckhamPlex has been a monument to great films for two decades. So it’s a bit rough and ready, but it’s warm and welcoming, full of charm and character and the locals love it. Peckham in a nutshell. The tickets are mind-blowingly cheap, starting at £3.99. PeckhamPlex mainly shows the latest big releases and sometimes slipping in a wildcard. You can’t go wrong.

PeckhamPlex, 95A Rye Ln, London +44 844 567 2742

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The best cinemas to visit in London

Barbican Cinema
Now they’ve been tarted up the Barbican Centre’s Cinema screens are ready for a night at the flicks. Screen One is a spic and span 280 seat auditorium which shows a combination of newly released blockbusters and some seriously classy arthouse films. The two other smaller screens now boast some very comfy plush new seats and a delightful café where you can grab coffee, cakes, pizza, beer and wine. A real treat.

Barbican Centre, Silk St, London +44 20 7638 4141

Genesis Whitechapel
This pretty little cinema is as charming as it is reasonably priced. It’s a fabulous local little cinema perfect for a casual evening and its recent refurbishment has left it looking the part on the inside as well as from the street. The popular café is the perfect spot for a post film debrief, an alcohol bar and a snack bar which sells pick n mix and jumbo hot dogs. The Studio 5 boutique screening room with its cosy armchairs is perfect for a more intimate occasion.

Genesis, 93-95 Mile End Rd, London +44 20 7780 2000

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The Ritzy
Anyone who knows Brixton knows this landmark film institution. The Ritzy was originally opened in 1911 and provides locals with a warm and friendly, indie-feeling cinema experience. The movie programme is a nice balance between indie films, Hollywood blockbusters, late night showings and the occasional old classic thrown in. There are two bars and a café where you can take in an array of club nights and the occasional stand up comic. A local legend.

The Ritzy, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton +44 871 902 5747

The Lexi
This little single screen cinema is certainly not the biggest around but it may well have a claim to be the friendliest. All the profits go to a South African charity and the place is mostly run by lovely volunteers who genuinely want to be there and give their time. They show everything from big blockbusters, to arthouse and foreign flicks, and they host regular special events like movie Q&As and classic movie seasons.

The Lexi, 194B Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Green, London +44 20 3011 5523